Client's Bill of Rights

In my practice, I believe that clients are entitled to certain basic rights. They are a reflection of my deeply-held core values. As a client I serve, you have the right to:

1. Honest, client-focused advice.
Your interests and needs come first, and will be at the heart of all recommendations.

2. Individual, personalized advice.
Recommendations will reflect not only your unique situation, but also your individual values, priorities and temperament.

3. Ask as many questions as you need throughout the process.
Education and transparency are intended to be part of the process. Keeping you in the dark is not a reasonable “job security” strategy.

4. Understand all strategies and investments before implementing.
It is your money and your future. Be comfortable with the direction of the plan before you take action.

5. Request an alternate solution.
Analyzing multiple strategies is part of the process. It is your right to request an alternate solution.

6. Reject any advice.
It is your prerogative to choose which advice to follow, and which advice to postpone or reject outright.

7. Privacy and confidentiality.
Personal and financial information will be shared with others outside the firm only to process transactions and maintain your accounts, at your consent, or to respond to court orders.


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