Fee Schedule

At the end of every initial consultation, we will present you with options on how we can assist you and what it will cost. In a world of hidden costs and surprise back-end charges, we ensure our fees are always clearly explained up front.

Investment Management

When you hire us to manage your investments, our pricing will put us on the same side of the table as you: we both want to grow your account! Our pricing is based on assets that we manage, and we currently do not have a minimum account size.

One-fourth of the annual fee is assessed each calendar quarter (every three months) on the balance under management. Nominal transaction costs for the purchase and sale of securities range between $0 and $26.50 per transaction, depending on the type of security involved.


Planning fees for financial plans are fixed in advance, and typically range from $500–$5,000 for a pre-retirement, retirement, or estate planning, depending on the complexity and hours involved completing the plan.  

A Final Word about Fees

Smart investors choose their financial advisor based on experience, independence, integrity, and quality of advice. Expect to pay reasonable fees for an experienced advisor who invests real time with you; otherwise you may end up paying a lot more in the long run.