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We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of financial services to affluent individuals, families, and small business owners. We believe that retirement planning and estate planning are the foundational pillars of any financial plan, and as such, we offer guidance in investment management, tax planning, and retirement income planning.

We understand that each of our clients has unique financial goals, and we work closely with them to design a customized financial plan that aligns with their objectives. Our approach is client-focused, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships that are founded on trust and transparency. At Coppola Wealth Management, we believe that addressing all elements of a client’s financial picture is essential to creating a comprehensive financial plan. Our services are designed to address the needs of our clients, and we offer a wide range of solutions that tie together into one comprehensive plan.

A Look Into Our Process

Our firm’s process is designed to specifically help clients visualize the path to pursuing their financial goals and alleviate any concerns through careful financial planning. Our team developed an educated, authentic, and caring approach with a high level of customized service to our clients since the inception of our firm. We are excited to bring this knowledge and service to help our clients pursue their financial goals.

We listen to the concerns and needs of our clients and then meet to collaboratively respond with researched information and care, and we work hard to base each approach depending on your needs. Through our commitment to exceptional care, we have established a time-tested four-step process to guide our clients through their financial planning journey:

Step One: Discovery

Before we have our first meeting, you’ll fill out a financial planning questionnaire that covers a number of questions regarding your current financial situation, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, we’ll meet to review your answers and talk about the things that are most important to you, including your fears and goals.

Step Two: Strategy

Before we dive into your financial plan, we’ll make any necessary investment recommendations, such as portfolio changes or adjustments. From there, we will determine your financial planning needs.

Step Three: Implementation

Once we understand where you currently are and where you want to be in the future, we develop a comprehensive financial plan. By thoroughly explaining our recommendations, we strive to help you understand all elements of our developed plan. We believe that by understanding your financial plan of action, you can make more informed decisions, take an active role in pursuing your goals, and feel more confident in your future.

Step Four: Monitoring

After we implement your plan, we continually monitor and make any necessary adjustments, based on personal or economic changes. We also meet with you and provide updates on a regular basis, based on your preferred level of communication. We strive to meet your needs by working closely together with both you and your family, and staying in close contact through the years.

A Look Into Our Process

Our family-led team is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and experience. We work with clients in our local New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, as well as across the nation.

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