Our Story

Solving Financial Puzzles

Coppola Wealth Management was founded by Steven Coppola in 2012. After nearly 15 years of working with a large nationally known wealth management firm, he was inspired to create his own firm that was client-focused, as opposed to sales-focused. He wanted to work closely with a limited number of families in order to truly make a difference in their lives, viewing them as personal relationships rather than numbers contributing to a bottom line.

Steven’s interest in the world of finance first started in high school and since then, over the course of decades, his passion for the financial services industry has never wavered. His role in a client’s life is that of a puzzle solver. Often, an individual’s financial accounts and plans are scattered and disorganized. By piecing them together into one cohesive picture, Steven can help clients identify their short and long-term needs, create an action plan, and pursue their financial goals.

Today, Coppola Wealth Management continues to serve our clients and their best interests first and foremost. We are personally invested in our clients and only work with those we believe we can help. Offering a concierge level of service and serving as the quarterback of your team of professionals, we seek to address all elements of your financial picture and help you feel confident in your financial future.


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